Bring it Home® Pleasanton

Pleasanton is a wonderful vacation city and offers an array of exciting and fun attractions, from live entertainment, shopping, and community events to restaurants, hiking trails and museums. Nestled in the famous Tri-Valley east of San Francisco, the area is a small suburban haven and is bustling with culture and outdoor activities. Did you know that Pleasanton offers more than 40 neighborhoods and community parks, more than 24 miles of trails as well as over 600 acres of open space?

If you are interested in lacing up those hiking boots and heading out on an expansive trek that offers stunning views of the area, make sure you check out these popular hiking spots in Pleasanton.

Pleasanton Ridge

If you are in the mood for a fun and good hike, then don’t look further than the famous Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. You can enjoy the fantastic trails at Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park in two ways. You may take a leisurely and exciting stroll around the 2-mile loop with joggers and bikers. On the other hand, you can head up into the winding trails if you are in the mood for some serious hiking. Note that if you choose the latter, you will be treated to sweeping and beautiful views of both the valley and hillsides.

There are thousands of acres of open land for hiking, biking, and running. So, you can breathe in the excellent outdoors without leaving civilization. The best thing is that you can bring your dog for a trail run. Also, you can bring lunch and enjoy a memorable picnic at one of the several picnic tables throughout this park.

Did you know that the park has more than 25 miles of trails for almost all skill levels? And it is worth noting that as elevation in the massive park ranges from about 400 feet to more than 1,600 feet, you will undoubtedly find a hiking trail that gives you the kind of workout you want.

Dublin Hills Regional Park

Note that the Dublin Hills Trail is another great hiking spot and is part of a much bigger trail system that connects to Martin Creek Trail at one point.

Keep in mind that Dublin Hills Regional Park is huge and spans about 654 acres inside an open space corridor that consists of a main ridge. The ridge connects Donlon Point on the southern boundary of the park to Wiedemann Hill. Easily accessible through Brigadoon Way, you may choose the right or left trail to start your fall hike.

Also, note that the main trail in this park is the two-mile Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail that follows the famous Calaveras Ridge. While the Calaveras Trail does not climb to the top of Donlon Point, note that you may take the 0.3-mile offshoot trail in order to reach the top and also appreciate the stunning views.

Callippe Preserve Trail

You will like Callippe Trail as it offers one of the most beautiful and scenic trails in Pleasanton. And you will also find native wildlife ranging from foxes and deer to dozens of unique bird species. Callippe Preserve Trail is an excellent 3.3 mile lightly trafficked trail that features many beautiful wildflowers.

The trail provides a number of activity options and is easily accessible throughout the year, which is excellent. You can also bring your dog to this trail, but you have to keep them on a leash. The trail also borders multiple preservation areas and is one of the most notable for the unique and stunning Callippe Silverspot Butterfly.

Another great thing is that the Callippe Preserve Golf Course conveniently rests in the center of this trail, offering a fabulous clubhouse where hikers can grab a drink or eat. The golf club is important as it also ensures that the gorgeous trail is well maintained throughout the year.

Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area

You will find two main trails in the Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area. These are the five-mile-long loop and a 2.7-mile short loop. Keep in mind that the shorter hike takes you around the stunning Shadow Cliffs Lake, offering outstanding views that you will remember for a long time.

You will also find plenty of other trails in this park that provide pleasant and unique views of the water. You may also check out the shorter 0.7-mile North Arroyo Trail. Note that this easy hike trail runs along the Arroyo Area, giving you peaceful and serene views of the lake.