Pleasanton has a wealth of brilliant attractions, from prosperous communities and an excellent education system to amazing retail opportunities and stunning untamed natural beauty. Pleasanton is an ideal location in the Bay area for people looking to live close to the city but don’t prefer the hassles of big city living.

Did you know that Pleasanton achieved national recognition and prestige as one of the safest communities in the US? And according to a recent study done by a national security company, Pleasanton has also been ranked as the tenth safest city in California to raise a child.

This fantastic area has a lot going for it, such as outstanding arts and cultural activities, a sense of place, plenty of history as well as a strong financial and commercial core. Also, you will benefit from excellent educational services.  

One of the best things about Pleasanton is the trendy luxury apartments as well as beautiful houses. And the city has plenty more that makes it extremely desirable. The city has received top marks for housing affordability, safety, education, and kid-friendliness. There is no doubt that it is one of the best places if you want to raise your family in a healthy, safe, and friendly environment. This affluent and unique suburb of the San Francisco Bay Area provides big-city amenities with an elegant hometown charm.

A Tight-Knit Community 

If you relocate to Pleasanton with your family, then you will really appreciate the fact that you will be moving into a friendly and caring community of warm and kind people that have everybody’s best interest at heart.  

You probably know that moving to a new city or town can be both overwhelming and exciting. However, it is difficult and tricky if people are not warm and friendly. The best thing about Pleasanton is that you will have little to fear in Pleasanton. This is because the people and families in this town care a lot about members of the community, whether they are new to this area or have lived here for their whole life.

Booming Businesses and Companies

Did you know that more corporate headquarters in the US are calling Pleasanton home? These include firms like Patelco Credit Union, Blackhawk Network, Safeway, Shaklee, Thoratec and Workday and The Cooper Companies. If you are looking for a job, note that some other top employers that have considerable operations in Pleasanton include Cisco Systems, AT&T, Clorox, and Kaiser Permanente.

Excellent Education

One of the most compelling reasons to move to Pleasanton is the education system in this community. And it is definitely one of the most significant factors that a lot of parents consider. And with some of the highest-rated public schools in California, Pleasanton certainly offers an enriching and comprehensive educational experience to all students. As a result, you can be sure that your kids will receive a top-quality education.