Bring it Home Pleasanton

You will find a charming and fun community in Pleasanton, California, with lush vineyards and amazing wineries as well as some beautiful summer and spring landscapes. If you are into fresh local produce, you can also enjoy the sunny outdoors by exploring some of the farmers’ markets in this area. There is no doubt that they are also ideal places if you want to shop for excellent deals on fresh vegetables and fruits as well as local wine and beer. You will also find local arts and crafts, which is great.

One of the best farmers’ markets in the area is the Pleasanton Farmers’ Market. It is open to the public every Saturday throughout the year from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The best thing about this market is that farmers in California grow all of the produce available for sale. Pleasanton Farmers’ Market is one of the best places in the area to shop for seasonal veggies and fruits, as well as other important local goods, such as honey, artisan cheese, and eggs!

If you would like to help the community, you can participate in The Open Heart Kitchen. The organization collects donations of fresh produce at this farmers’ market in order to make about 3,500 meals that it serves on a weekly basis. And it is worth noting that this non-profit meal service offers prepared food to individuals and families in need in Dublin, Livermore, and Pleasanton.

Many Vendors and Stalls

Did you know that many stalls at Pleasanton Farmers’ Market are small and tend to specialize in berries, citrus, or mushrooms? On the other hand, some such as Her Farms, are tent-size and provide you with a range of affordable seasonal produce picked in the past 24 hours. And you will like that in the cooler months, especially, the market also offers many amazing packaged goods, like artisan oils, lavender products, and local honey.

Note that for the hungry, Indian, Afghan, Mexican, and the incredibly popular Roli Roti chickens also await. You will find about sixty vendors in the market. This number is almost twice than the number when this market opened over 20 years ago.

Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association

Keep in mind that the Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association operates the Pleasanton Farmers’ Market. PCFMA is a non-profit organization in the area that operates several farmers’ markets throughout the California’s Bay Area.  

The mission of PCFMA is to empower and help local farmers as well as ranchers to be successful and profitable in their communities while offering those communities access to fresh and healthy food. The Pleasanton Farmers’ Market is located on Main Street and West Angela Street and sells a wide variety of fresh and healthy California-grown farm produce.

You will also find other delicious goods at the Pleasanton Farmers’ Market, such as honey, fresh flowers, ocean-fresh seafood, prime cuts of chicken and meat, artisan cheese, coated and flavored nuts, almond butter, and unroasted nuts.

Open Heart Kitchen

Like several other markets operated by the PCFMA, keep in mind that the Pleasanton Farmers’ Market is about a lot more than merely produce. So, while shopping the farmers’ market, you can easily do more good for the local community by participating in the noble Open Heart program.

All you have to do is buy some extra vegetables or fruits and ask the relevant farmer to bag them separately. After that, you can drop the bag into any one of the collection boxes you will find throughout the market.

There is no doubt that this one-block, all-California fresh produce market, has now become one of the Tri-Valley’s most popular and prominent community gathering spots.