Bring it Home Pleasanton

Are you ready to get a little spooked this October? If yes, note that the infamous Pirates of Emerson Haunted Theme Park will bring plenty of scares and screams as a drive-through attraction in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The attraction is set in the fifteenth century when pirates reigned supreme and usually takes place on 5 acres of space. It includes robotics, special effects, animation, and creepy interaction mixed with some obligatory screams.

Did you know that Pirates of Emerson is one of the Bay Area’s favorite and most popular haunts? The event returns every year with new actors, costumes, and shows that can scare the socks off you. It is worth noting that each year the pirate theme is executed through decor as well as some of the scariest pirates that you will ever see lurking in the shadows, which is exciting.

Several Haunted Attractions

You may know that there are at least five haunted attractions at the infamous Pirates of Emerson theme park. Remember that the Pirates of Emerson is now over two decades old, and always terrifies the October’s huge crop of fright-seekers in Pleasanton with many spaces. Some of them are intriguing places, such as Prison Panic, and Psychopath and The Haunted. They also have a namesake ghostly pirate ship.

And that is not all; outside the haunted houses, note that the park also keeps your adrenaline pumping with a frightmares sideshow, mazes, a misfortune teller, and even live music. The Pirates of Emerson is a classic carnival with a spooky undead pirate theme and offers many attractions that will surely get you in the Halloween spirit quickly.

Complete with unique and spooky walkthroughs that tend to rotate each year as well as many carnival-style games, this event is easily one of the best Halloween attractions for people in the Bay Area. So, it is no wonder that individuals and families keep coming back for more.

The 29th Anniversary 

Did you know that this year will also mark the memorable 29th year for the Pirates of Emerson? All guests will get the chance to get spooked starting October 2 until November 1, Thursdays through Sundays. Keep in mind that no pedestrians will be allowed to bike through or walk through the attraction. So, for the first time in history, it will be uniquely designed to spook you right in your car.

If you are someone who has experienced the scary Pirates of Emerson in person, you will know that it is certainly not for the faint of heart.  While this year is only a drive-through experience, note that it might not be suitable for young and impressionable audiences.

An Unforgettable Experience

In conventional settings, robotics, trained actors, and other wondrous and unique inventions guide the guests through a hair-raising and spooky experience that they will not forget for a long time. And this year, the crew at the haunted house claims to have stepped up their incredible game and is sure that the extra animatronics, as well as special effects, will create a truly horrifying and chilling effect.


Also, it is worth mentioning that the Pirates of Emerson is an award-winning haunted house. It has received accolades from Haunted Bay, Digital City, AOL City Guide, and the Discovery Channel. Did you know that it was also voted as the thirteenth scariest haunted house in the US, which is a remarkable feat?

How it Started?

Pirates of Emerson started as a small group of close friends with some spooky props in a backyard. However, it quickly grew to be noted and recognized as one of the most creative and imaginative Halloween attractions in the country. Note that the Pirates of Emerson Park formally moved to Pleasanton’s Alameda County Fairgrounds in 2010.


It is worth noting that the Pirates of Emerson has also partnered with many non-profit organizations and initiatives in the area. Some of them are Tri-City Volunteers, the Northern California Special Olympics, Boy Scouts of America, Fremont Police D.A.R.E. program, and Ohlones College Foundation, among others. So, they are committed to serving the local community.

Drive-Thru Experience in 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic leading to cancellations and postponement of many holiday events in the US, rest assured that you will still get your wits scared out of you during this Halloween season in Pleasanton, CA. Note that the organizers of this acclaimed, yearly attraction said that they opted for the new and safe “contact-less” format for 2020 because of the COVID-19 situation.

As a guest, you are warned to keep your windows up in order to keep out any water as your vehicles will creep through the haunted and terrifying terrain and will be surrounded by many scary characters. Also, keep in mind that the immersive and engaging drive-thru show will allow you to remain in your car while tuning into a soundtrack through FM radio. And, there is no doubt that the fright factor won’t be forgotten. So, you can expect actors, animatronics, large-scale sets, smoke, flames, and snow.

Note that the vehicle-based gatherings have also allowed the fairgrounds to better reinvent and revolutionize various drive-ins and car-based shows. This will allow guests to safely gather from the convenience and comfort of their cars to enjoy movies, live stage shows, concerts, and more. With almost 267 acres, the famous Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton can safely create the best way to host several physically distanced and vehicle-based gatherings.


You will have to purchase the tickets in advance by visiting and print them out or scan them on your phone at the entrance. And no pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, RVs, trailers, motor homes, golf carts, and top-down convertibles are allowed.